I am an IT professional and, as most others in the same field, I run into all sorts of odd issues that take hours to figure out. Eventually either I or someone else out there will run into the same problem – it is inevitable. So I setup this blog so that I can have one place where I can log and share my experience and solutions. Hopefully the information would help someone. And if it doesn’t, at least I have it for my own sanity. 😉


P.S. Keep in mind the standard disclaimer – the information posted here is my own opinion and experience. I make no guarantees it is 100% accurate, so make sure you know what you are doing before you follow anything I write. And make backups BEFORE you start messing with things. 🙂

P.S. 2 In case anyone wonders what is up with the title/name of this blog… 🙂 It is really a response to a really silly and rather annoying corporate management scare tactic that new (dumb) management seems to want to use in certain situations. Basically the situation boils down to some “moral boosting” meeting that inevitably ends with “We are all one team that is driving on a bus toward one goal. Ask yourself – am I on the bus or not.” or something to that effect (actually at my last job this sentence was followed by “If you are not, here is the door. I can find people to replace you in no time. I will pay them half your salaries and they will run circles around you“… lol ). I am not sure what they are thinking, but it must work on some people. That kind of a tactic seems to trigger a knee-jerk reaction in me… 🙂 Anyway, the posts on this blog have nothing to do with this, it was just a silly thought that came to me when I was creating the account.


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