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How to change the IP address of the cluster nodes hosting a SQL Server instance

Posted in Microsoft SQL Server with tags , on 2012/03/30 by CRCerr0r

For whatever reason, there doesn’t seem to be a good post on how to change the IP addresses of the physical cluster nodes hosting a clustered SQL instance (or multiple clustered SQL instances). So after piecing together some articles and testing, here are the simple steps:


2-node Microsoft Cluster, each node is running Windows Server 2008 R2. In my case I had two SQL 2008 instances, each normally running on one of the nodes, in an ‘Active-Active’ setup.

SQL Instance A – the applications and services belonging to one of the SQL instances (IPs, names, drives, services, etc.)

Node n – each of the nodes

  1. Take SQL Instance A offline on Node 1 (do not fail over, just take it offline)
  2. Change IP address on Network Adapters (in Windows)
  3. In Cluster Administrator, change the IP address of the all SQL resources (Services and applications) of Instance A to new IPs. You have to do this twice for some reason (click Apply, then OK, then open the properties again and re-set the IP – you will know you need to do it, when the IP under the Resource Name says “”IP Address: Address on Cluster Network x” instead of the actual IP address, and when you open the properties, the mask is set to Confirm a new network has been created under Networks and it is setup as Enabled
  4. Bring Instance A online
  5. Repeat 1-4 for the second instance on Node 2 for Instance B
  6. Failover to test

Simple. 🙂