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URL Check Service

Posted in Malware on 2010/08/22 by CRCerr0r

Check to see if a URL is safe, without visiting it…

Online AntiVirus Scanners List

Posted in Malware with tags , , on 2010/08/10 by CRCerr0r

Here is a quick list of ver good online AV and malware scanners that can help in a pinch: – online AV scanner – online AV scanner. Seems to also offer an installable version of the scanner that can also be scheduled – no online version of the scanner but available “one off” upload option for suspicious files – online AV scanner – online AV scanner – excellent “one off” tool for uploading suspicious files. It scans them with 39 AV scan engines – nice online AV tool and other cool tools – online AV scanner – malware scanner – malware scanner script – F-Secure Offline Scanner – ESET Offline Scanner – scanner – virus removal tools, specific to a particular malware strain